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chill house featured release

new york sessions 2



Various Artists
New York Sessions Vol.2 (Deep And Sexy House Music From Nyc)




01 Felipe Blandon - Perception (Original Mix)
02 Undbeat - French Kiss (Andres Zevallos Deep Mix)
03 Raymond Mario - Teenage Dream (Original)
04 Jeff Aka Moveks - New Beginning (Original)
05 Oleg Soul - Sunrise (Original Mix)
06 Mickey K - Dont Let Me Down (Luis Baro Old School Dub)
07 Artan Telqiu - My Destiny (Nikos Diamantopoulos Wet Remix)
08 Quiet Fish - Time For A Change (Original)
09 Mr. Léman - Just You (Original)
10 Tonbe - La Noche (Original)
11 Cross Groove - Eye Heart You (Original)


chill house

Various Artists
Wanderlust - Fourth Trip 


You breathe in deeply and you can almost touch what lies in the air: Wanderlust! The lust to escape everyday life and your usual environment. The desire to experience something, it does not matter what it is but it must be new and adventurous. The lust to break out of routine and set up a new emotion of starting every day like it was an intention to do do it. You feel that you hoard a deep need... a need to grab the essence of the world at once.

(P)2011 Catharsis, (C)2011 Catharsis


01 Pakka feat. Stephan Maria - Freedom (Lounge Mix)
02 Dukespan Nyc - Gabriel (Original)
03 Dj Chus - Black Rain (Original Afrolounge Mix)
04 Leon Ard - Jamaika (Original)
05 Prodoxo - Soft Departure (Original)
06 Monosolar - Tuda Era Tao Maravilhoso (Original)
07 Matisse & Jury Jet feat. S. Khovansky - Early Sunrise (Original Mix)
08 Chris Nemmo feat. Ares Duke & Helena K - Wastin' Time (Original)
09 Moshang - Big Love (Original)
10 Blue Star - Tune In & Breathe (Original)
11 Big Bossa - Getaway (Original Mix)
12 Eskadet - From Bombay To Paris (Original)
13 Cayetano - Day After Day (Original)
14 Kondencuotas Pienas feat. Mill - So Pure (Remix By Ijo)
15 Lootmaster - Dessert Loneliness (Original)
16 Movox - Nice Trip 09 (Original)
17 Redlounge Orchestra - Someone, Somewhere (Original)
18 Jay Vee - Earth Is Death (Original)
19 Ta.yar - Oso (Original)



Erotic Chillout Collection Vol. 2

Various Artists
Erotic Chillout Collection Vol. 2 

Stereoheaven presents an amazing collection of chill out music, 15 chill and relaxing tunes, including artist like Christian Hornbostel, Enrico Donner, Rey Salinero, The Sura Quintet, Dj Riquo and many others.

(P)2011 stereoheaven, (C)2011 stereoheaven



01 Saba Rock & Sandy Cay - Outta Sight (Original)
02 Christian Hornbostel - You Are The Light (Original)
03 DJ Riquo feat. The Third World Man - Mesmerizing Words (Original)
04 Don Gorda Project - Greenwood (Original)
05 Rey Salinero - Total Delight (Original)
06 The Sura Quintet Inv. Pato - Distancia (Original)
07 Enrico Donner - Deep Rooted (Original)
08 Kusuma Orchestra - The Tide (Original)
09 Cesar Martinez Ensemble - Whatever You (Original)
10 Club Camarillo - Baracoa (Original)
11 The Foxtrot Effect - Room 193 (Original)
12 Cane Garden Quartet - Close To You (Original)
13 Proxy Brides - Toute La Nuit (Original)
14 Arrojas - Outer Space (Original)
15 Baghira - Urban Exploration (Original)


Ibiza Chill

Various Artists
Ibiza Chill Session 2011 



01 Persia Beatz - Princess Of Persia (Miracle Mixxx)
02 Pascal Dubois - Beach Pearl On Ibiza (White Waves Cut)
03 Skysurfer feat.lovay - Circling Elements (Down By The Sea Mix)
04 Kosta Rodrigez feat.amy - Gale In The Waterglass (my Love) (Anthony Island Remix)
05 Cafe Americaine - Bring Back Silence (Cool And Lazy Afternoon Cut)
06 Jazz Connection - Tranquility Station (Smooth Evening Cut)
07 Frank Borell feat. Oliver - Why Do We Always Fall In Love (No Question Mix)
08 Thermodynamics - Visions Of Astronauts (Blue Planet Mix)
09 Pascal Dubois - Jetset To L.a. (Arline Mix)
10 Kid Coconutz - Cinematic Grooves (Afroelectric Mix)
11 Cafe Americaine - Marina Beach (Guitar Flow Mix)
12 Paradise Blue - Ocean Of Dreams (Dreamwave Mix)
13 Pascal Dubois - Anyway (Deep Outside Session)
14 Magic Life feat. Bernd Langer - Dreaming Of Surprise (Slider Mix)
15 Chillwalker - Homeless (Mykonos Beach Cut)
16 Thermodynamics - Sputnik In Space (Tronix Fly Cut)
17 Manoa - Feel Free (Electric Feel Mix)
18 Cafe Americaine - X-phonic (Fly Over Waves Mix)
19 Cocogroove - Beach Vibes (Waves 2 Horizon Cut)
20 Pascal Dubois - Sunbeams (Pure Light Cut)
21 Paradise Blue - Sun Of Haleakala (Piano Dream Mix)
22 Cafe Americaine - Gin Tonixx (Icecrusher Mix)
23 Bay Area - Night Phone (Phunky Stuff Mix)
24 Green Lemon feat. Oliver - All My Little Stars (The Dreamers Mix)
25 Satin Sound System - Yellow Dragon (Asian Fly Cut)


chill house featured mix


Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare (Al Bradley @ 3am Recordings) - Shadowboxer (DJ Mix) by 3am Recordings





01. The Disclosure Project "Excursions" (Disclosure Project Recordings)
02. Kenny Hawkes & David Parr "Green Grass" (Rekids)
03. Jesus Pablo & Vikte "Sunday Morning" Chris Minus Deep Fried Mix (Cubism)
04. RJ Fletcher "Ten10Ten" (3am Recordings)
05. Camel "Coconuts" Leg-No Remix (Blotter)
06. Tom Special Interest "On A Cloud" (Phobic Recordings)
07. Paul Hardy "Attik" (Baker Street Recordings)
08. Makka & Howard Sessions "Man Or Machine" (3am Recordings)
09. Rob Small "Drums Please" (Monique Muzique)
10. Paul Hardy "Swirl" Ruthit Remix (Baker Street Recordings)
11. Rob Pearson & Kirsten Sees "Something For The Weekend Sir" Chemical Warfare's Weekend Acid Mix (Tug Underground Recordings)
12. Persons Of Interest "Drum Line" (Phobic Recordings)
13. Colours Sound System "Adore" Nick Chacona Remix (Blunted Funk Recordings)
14. Chemical Warfare "Temprano" (3am Recordings)
15. The Beloved "The Sun Rising" (Atlantic Records)


chill house featured release

Various Artists
Stereoheaven Pres. Chillhouse Night Grooves 


Stereoheaven presents Chillhouse Night Grooves, a new compilation of amazing chillhouse music. Featuring tracks from Christian Hornbostel, The Sura Quintet, Rey Salinero, Dj Riquo, Don Gorda Project, Blue Wave and many others.

(P)2011 stereoheaven, (C)2011 stereoheaven


01 Christian Hornbostel - Schakunta (Afrolounge Mix)
02 The Sura Quintet - The Way I Feel Inside (Original)
03 Dj Riquo Feat. Saba Rock - My Lucky Day (Original)
04 Blue Wave Invites Don Gorda - Lost For Words (Original)
05 Cane Garden Quartet - Sea Jam (Original)
06 Club Camarillo Feat. Dj Riquo - El Pampero (Original)
07 Don Gorda Project - Dreamscape (Original)
08 Enrico Donner Feat. Theresa Thomason - Time Stands Still (Original)
09 Rey Salinero - Get Together (Original)
10 Saba Rock And Sandy Cay - Falling In Love (Original)
11 Solanos - Infinite Fields (Original)
12 Kusuma Orchestra - Your Body (Original)
13 Norman And Real - Ravin (Original)
14 Miraflores - Give Me Your Smile (Original)
15 Qqq Feat. Sarah Chris - Always There (Original)
16 Proxy Brides - Can I Be (Original)


chill house featured release

Sunset Surf Chill (Chillout Del Mar)

Various Artists
Sunset Surf Chill (Chillout Del Mar) 



01 Newton - Homerun
02 Lazy Hammock - Lost In Dreams
03 Michael E - Fall In Love With Me
04 Eddie Silverton - Moving Time
05 Marga Sol - Sunrise
06 Sunburn In Cyprus - In The Sunshine (Apres Beach Mix)
07 Sharif D - The Heat Stepper
08 Pnfa - Nile 99
09 Life Audience - Baskin In Blue
10 Minus Blue Feat. Emma Saville - Be As One (Klangstein Remix)
11 Sangar - My Breeze
12 Fioko - Summer Rain
13 Velvet Birds - Come Along
14 Pianochocolate - Flight
15 Outsider - Le Donne Della Mia Vita
16 Mazelo Nostra - Piano Bar
17 Frame By Frame - Kassandra
18 True Color - Material
19 Xemplify - I'm Tired
20 Fell - Ring
21 Santah - Premadhavani


chill house featured release

Various Artists
Deep And Soulful Vol.2 (A Collection Of Sophisticated House Sounds)



01 Anton Lanski - Manger (Original)
02 Roy Gilles - Nu Kind Of Soul (Original)
03 Bka - 5 Long Years (Bioground's Exquisitech Dub)
04 M.i.c.r.o. - Yellow Birds (Original)
05 Jay Tripwire - Najavo Soul (Original)
06 Gilles Bineaux - Pillowtalks (Original)
07 Imotion - Harbour (Original)
08 Kellyyss - Sail With Me (Sailing With The Messenger Mix)
09 Alexander East - 3rd Dimensional Affairs (Original)
10 Bang Bang - Broken (Pete Dafeet Remix)
11 Giom - Things U Do (Original Mix)
12 East St Louis Players - Hustlin' (Inland Knights You Choose Mix)
13 The Messenger - Feel For You (Original)
14 Clown Dallas Feat. Chappell - Get Up (Ben Moss Loss Audio Remix)
15 Pawel Kobak - Svea Street Ride (Original)
16 Out Of Sight - Dazing (Original)
17 Playone - In Dark Skies (Original)
18 Sng - With You (Original)
19 Markos - All The Way Down (Original)
20 Soul T - Eden (Original)
21 T.a.y.n.a. - So Far From Crazy Town (Original)
22 Daniel Kyo - The Droid (Original)
23 Bka - Happenings Back Home (Original)
24 Danny Stott - Circuits (Dub Mix)
25 Uncle Deep - Via Voices Of The Deep (Original)


chill house featured release

Plastic Heaven-Falling EP/Now on Beatport !!!

falling ep




Deep Nota takes on the challenge of releasing some rather experimental ep. "Femme Fatale" sounds like a ballade on speed. Lo-fi sounds and a pitched up voice make this an eccentric and out of the ordinary track. With this kind of tracks I'm always asking myself "where am I going to play this?". I know it's hard to put on in the middle of a set but I always end up purchasing a track like this; why? Because it's quality and has an artistic value you can not find in 4 to the floor tracks. Releasing tracks like this one, adds a certain artistic flavour to a label.So, Deep Nota you keep surprising me and hopefully not only me but the rest of the world to. If I was playing the closing set on a night, I would play this as one of my last tracks. The surprising ending also opens up possibilities for the creative DJ. If you're one of those, you'll know what I mean. "No score" is a nasty and dirty 80's-esque house track with a tight kick and seducive voice. Definitely a track for my 15-Track Podcast hosted on . The bells bubbling in are of huge sonical value for the completeness of this track. "Keep Falling" is like a combination of 80's sounding rhythms with 70's stripped down disco stabs arising in the rhythm. That's only the beginning of the track. When the track continues, it's overall sound scape seems to be influenced by balearic freedom; a sound which creates a feel inside hard to describe, a feel which can cure your deepest inner grief and replaces it with a feel of freedom, happiness. What do you want more? "Mess Today" is a slight melancholic modern ballad, a bit like "Femme Fatale" but deeper and darker. This is a song for the radio, to be programmed day time on the better alternative radios. Surprising and quality music on Deep Nota Records.

Thanks for reading,

Deep Nota team

All reviews by Silky JacK for Deep Nota Records


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